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You can logon to your portfolio account on the internet and completely manage your account and view all your below mentioned reports. You can also stay in touch through email with us using "your contact panel".


Login to Your Portfolio

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After log in the following screen will appear :-

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The following important featureas will enable you manage your portfoiloand and aslo help in financial planning :-


My Portfolio


Overview :- you can see your last 5 transactions and Active SIPs


Investment Snapshot :- You can see all your active folios and redeemed folios


Capital Summary :- Clicking on this report will open a complete portfolio. The portfolio will show all such folios which are on and have balance above Rs 0.00

The capital Summary report presents as on date status of the clients investments in terms of cost value vs current market value including all dividends and bonuses ( reinvested or paid out). This report is designed to deliver the most effective and properly classified presentation of the portfolio status; it is divided among different asset class, open ended or closed ended etc. It also indicates the SIP Transactions with a separate mark/identification. The summary presents the total Gain/Loss position of the portfolio as


Portfolio Return :-This report presents the Gain or Loss of the portfolio in annualised %age form.All calculations used here are based on XIRR method which presents the compounded return rate of all individual investments and the overall portfolio also. XIRR formulae is an approved method used in Financial Market for calculating returns on uneven cash flows at irregular intervals. This method captures all inflow and outflow of funds in a particular folio and also the number of days expired for each cash flow.

The report is presented in two different parts, for the convenience of users:

Return calculation of all unrealised Gain/Loss, and

Return calculation of all realised Gain/Loss

The report also provides the overall Weightage average returns under each category along with some useful information like:

Lowest Return product in the portfolio, and

highest return product in the portfolio.

Using this report along with Capital Summary report makes the portfolio evaluation complete in itself!


Search Transaction :- you can also see each transaction ( Purchase, SIP, STP, redemptions,dividend bonus etc ) as AMC wise and Asset type (Equity,Debt Hybrid etc)


Add Products :- By clicking this section you can manually enter the following asset classes like :-

Equity Shares

Interest bearing securities like FD & Bonds

Precious Metal

Afer entering above . You can view your complete portfolio at any time


Taxation Sheet :- This is the most useful report for any Tax savvy investor. Calculation of Short Term Gains (STG) and Long Term Gains (LTG) in Mutual Fund is quite cumbersome and difficult due to uneven cash flow and mixed age of investments. This software provides a quick but complete Tax report on investments made by clients. To view this report user have to choose the Financial Year as per the requirement.

The report presents segregated figures for STG, LTG and Tax Free Dividends in ready to use format for easy Tax Filing.

The Taxation sheet assumes that STCG is any P&L realised in less than a Year; and the LTCG is any P&L realised in greater than 1 year.


My Financial Planning

This is complete financial planning tool. You can start by setting profiling, risk rating, defining the goal and maping your investment .


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