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Important Points to Remember


The most imprtant thing you should keep in mind is SIP is not a single magic pill which will solve all your financial planning problem as propogated now a days but, SIP is a one of disciplined and systematic aproach to regular investing that can help you create wealth over time.

Think Carefully about how long you will be investing for only look at the stock market if you are prepared to put your money away for five or ten years, or perhaps even longer. If you are likely to need your money any sooner, keep it in a lower-risk investment so there is less chance of a fall in value just before you make a withdrawal.

Rupee-cost averaging doesn't guarantee a profit or eliminate risk, and it won't protect you from a loss if you sell units at a market low. Before adopting this strategy, you should consider your ability to continue investing through periods of low price levels

May not suit people with unpredictable cash flows, because one has to commit certain sum of money for long period of time. But a proper planning of income.

SIP returns might be lower in consistently rising markets but only in comparison to benchmark .


Conclusion :- but ……

1. Make Investment your first priority not last…………

In most cases we spend first from Income that we earn and then whatever is left goes into saving


however this result in ad hoc saving pattern and often impulsive spendings.i.e. spending on goods and services which we may not have spent on if we had stopped to think about them.

Instead, we we make a commitment to save a certain proportion of our income every month , it becomes an effortless habit and goes a long way towards creating a corpus of funds for the future :-


2 .The Cost of Delaying

The key to building wealth is to start investing early and regularly. Regular investments, however small, can grow into a substantial amount of wealth over the long-term. Most of us tend to delay investing till the last moment. But the longer the delay, the more you'll need to put away in order to reach your goal.

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